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Commitment, compassion and a love for animals are just the beginning.

Curtis Levy, animal behavior specialist with one of the dogs that he helped with behavior managment.


“Think about the ways in which you expect far more from your dog than you expect from yourself.”

Curtis Levy has been studying and teaching Animal Behavior and Animal Welfare Management, for more than 30 years.


The best way to minimize stress, treat and manage behavior problems, and help develop a strong bond between people and their animals, is to focus on positive reinforcement.



"I received outstanding recommendations from all three veterinarians and from numerous clients whose lives and those of their animals were forever changed by their work with Curtis. ​Curtis's experience combined with his passion and love for animals makes him the 'Dog Trainer Extraordinaire'. I would recommend his services to anyone desiring excellence for their beloved animals."

Susan Burnham, 
Los Angeles, Ca.

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